een mooi pak / from all my secret pockets

by Plan Kruutntoone

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een mooi pak (2007, demisluktezigeuner bv), was recorded with an orchestra of ten, the outcome of the Yoors’project, that toured belgium, slovenija, hrovatija, serbia, hungary en holland.

Jan Yoors (Antwerpen 1922- New York 1978), painter, photographer and writer, at the age of twelve joined a group of gypsies and travelled with them all over Europe. In Crossing (1977) and in The Gypsies (1967) he sketches life with his kumpania. During world war two he served as a 'liaison' between Roma and organized resistance. In 1943 he was captured by the Gestapo and sentenced to death. He was released by mistake and managed to escape. Many of his Roma family didn't. After the war he lived and worked in London first, in New York later. Two wives gave him three children. Kore Yoors takes care of his artistic legacy. Yoors' The Heroic Present was published only recently (monacelli press, 2004). Check

We chose fragments from Crossing and The Gypsies that struck us as beautiful. All appeared to be about life and death: the (im-)possibilities of freedom; the fear to live life, as opposed to the will to live, love, eat and spend at least a million... Inspired by Yoors we formed óur version of an orchestra for weddings, funerals, births and escapes. Every now and then we managed to assemble (from Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Amsterdam, Groningen, Moskou and Den Andel) to take a few days to write, (hardly) rehearse, travel and play...

Over the period we met and left and met again, óur kumpania lived through a marriage (in Italy!), the birth of children, the raising of the ones already there. There was love, also in the face of danger (which is the only true heroism, according to Pulika), there was legendary good food (Iva's boargoulash in Ljubljana, Henry's fish in Groningen, and who would not remember gospodjo Seljak's soup and pastrmka, near Kostanjevica...) There was little money earned and a fortune spent.
And, there was my grief over the unexpected loss of my brother.
Nevertheless we travelled. From Budapest to Petersburg, from Leeuwarden to Sezana music was made and a closed fist opened up again.


released May 5, 2007

Bas Alblas: bass and double bass. trombone.
Rick Potma: drums. clarinet.
Volken de Vlas: trumpet, tuba, accordeon and samples.
Ivica Kosavic: guitar in 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15.
Isabelle Bats: voice, lyrics and tape in 2, 5 (michelangelo), 9, 15, 16.
Andreja Kosavic: voice in 5 (vulica). trumpet 8, 14, 15, 16.
Henry Alles: voice in 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14. ('dutch yoors'). moving pictures during concerts.
Federico Bonelli: voice in 2 (il vestito giusto), 3, 5, 8, 14, ('english yoors').
Hansko Visser: voice and lyrics in 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, guitars, cornetto, accordeon, samples, cembalo.
and Dolf Planteijdt: reverso in 2

recorded by Milan Ciric and Dolf Planteijdt at Sing Sing, Metslawier. edited by Hansko and Dolf at Dolf's. mixed by Hansko, Dolf and Zlaya at Zlaya's Loud.

lay-out: hansko/wilma. textbook printed by de Volharding. All photos: Federico, except dancing couple: Ksenija, (Mocvara, Zagreb)

thanks: Bidjan Zand and Conny vd Berg (for being such good taylors),Wilma (for find­ing all Yoors' books) Jaap (for a container to play in), Karen and William and Sanne (for gardenhouse to do so, too). Dimitri (d'Avril), Dr. Marias (nagy ful), Gregor and Ivo (Zhoambo Zhoet Workestrao: for frogs, food and facilities) and Donne (Onderbroek) and Marko Br. for trust. Friedemann, Milan, Dolf and Zlaya. Maksim (for krakovskaja), Hof, Kornel, Carin, Daniel Cross, Jeroen and Olga!
A special thanks to Kore Yoors.

the 'yoors-project' was supported by the Thuiskopiefonds and the Fonds voor de Amateur en Podiumkunsten. The Wilhelmina Jansen Stichting helped us to go to St. Petersburg and meet Maksim.

all excerpts from Yoors' books were taken respectfully from: Crossing, a journal of survival and resistance in world war II (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1971) and The Gypsies (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1967), copyright by Jan Yoors.
All other text is ours.
Vulica is an old croatian folksong.



all rights reserved


Plan Kruutntoone The Netherlands

Plan Kruutntoone is Bas Alblas: basses, Chris Muller: all-sorts, Hans Visser: guitar, banjo, voice.
Plan Kruutntoone plays its uncompromising music in the Netherlands, Belgium, East-European countries, and Russia to feel at home.

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Track Name: putrav lesko drom
putrav Iesko drom anda leste
te ne inkrav les
mai but palpale mura brigasa.

... mogen je kleren scheuren en verslijten,
maar moge je zelf leven in goede gezondheid en al je wensen vervuld zien!
Track Name: om bel vestito qualite du tissu, dit-elle
Ia precision de Ia finition
Ia finesse, le satine, le doublure , brillante le rafine de Ia doublure
l'unite de I'ensemble, dit-elle l'unite de Ia couleur
tu seras beau, dit-elle
tu seras beau comme un jour de soleil aux printemps...
un bel vestito!
un bel vestito, eh?
I' abito fa il monaco
me l'ha sempre detto mio padre
l' abito fal'uomo e io sonol'uomo che si fa
un colore nero, classico
la cravatta, le volte, fresco lana il vestito giusto!
il vestito, si un bel vestito... cazzo ti guardi?
un bel vestito!

de zee had een weegschaal aan land afgezet,
hard geworden schaaldier, op zoek naar vaste grond. geef 'm wat te meten.
maar wat is hier van waarde?
dan - krabben in een schedel - loos geworden vragen
van hard geworden schaaldier, op zoek naar wie mij breekt. de zee...

het duurde lang, maar tijd weegt zich niet.
de H26 en de H27 voeren alweer op de haven aan toen ik eindelijk licht genoeg was.